XGY-T10NC Milling Head(2 Section Speed Type)

Country of Origin:
XGY-T10NC(二段變速型/2 Section Speed Change Type)

Detail Specifications

XGY-T10NC Milling Head-2 Section Speed Change Type
1. This milling head is one of our CNC boring-milling head series, and most suitable for
installing to gantry milling machine, single arm milling machine and special purpose
machine as heavy milling, for heavy cutting with high precision.
2. The inner wall is thicker. The main body is rigid.
3. The spindle of the milling head is made of Japan material and NSK bearings. The inner
driving system has passed strict quality inspection, and is sturdy and durable. It functions
very well.
4. Travel: 600mm
5. It can work together with our Φ250 right angle milling head (angle head) to proceed with
five-side milling.
6. Temperature rises slowly.
7. High availability.