XR11 Right Angle Milling Head (Hydraul 90° / Hydraulic Tool Clamping & Unclamping Type)

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Detail Specifications

GXY-XR11 Right Angle Milling Head(Hydraulic Tool Clamping Type)
1.The spindle and gears of the right angle milling head (90 degree milling head, angle head) are made of chrome molybdenum alloy steel and heat treated (carburization). Thus, the milling head is rigid and durable. Its quality is reliable.
2.Such a milling head is suitable for conventional gantry milling machines, CNC gantry milling machines, single arm milling machines, special purpose machines and machining centers. Adopting enlarged square main body can bear greater torque. It is also suitable for vertical lathe, large gantry milling machine.
3.The model XR11 with unclamping cylinder, which can change the tool quickly, and the OTT pull stud type clamping units, make the tool clamping force strong and long service life.
4.Customer can select 2000RPM(moderate cutting type) or 3000RPM(light cutting type) for using depending on the nature of the work and machine spindle speeds.
5.Customized is available, please contact us.